Just Asking – Thomas Sowell

Thomas Sowell, Just Asking

In a recent panel discussion on poverty at Georgetown University, President Barack Obama gave another demonstration of his mastery of rhetoric — and disregard of reality.

One of the ways of fighting poverty, he proposed, was to “ask from society’s lottery winners” that they make a “modest investment” in government programs to help the poor.

Despite pious rhetoric on the left about “asking” the more fortunate for more money, the government does not “ask” anything. It seizes what it wants by force. If you don’t pay up, it can take not only your paycheck, it can seize your bank account, put a lien on your home and/or put you in federal prison.

And please don’t call the government’s pouring trillions of tax dollars down a bottomless pit “investment.” Remember the soaring words from Barack Obama, in his early days in the White House, about “investing in the industries of the future”? After Solyndra and other companies in which he “invested” the taxpayers’ money went bankrupt, we haven’t heard those soaring words so much.

Race, Politics and Lies – Thomas Sowell

You cannot take any people, of any color, and exempt them from the requirements of civilization — including work, behavioral standards, personal responsibility and all the other basic things that the clever intelligentsia disdain — without ruinous consequences to them and to society at large.

One key fact that keeps getting ignored is that the poverty rate among black married couples has been in single digits every year since 1994. Behavior matters and facts matter, more than the prevailing social visions or political empires built on those visions.

Race, Politics and Lies, Thomas Sowell, townhall.com

Blinding Flash of the Obvious – Parents Are Important

“We think that parents play an important scaffolding role, helping their children to make more thoughtful decisions,” said Eva Telzer, a professor of psychology at the University of Illinois and the lead author of the study

Having mom in the car changes teen driver’s brain | Fox News


“Other Pizza” – a creation

I have this problem – a cheese pizza is a sin against pizza. It’s like someone started a pizza and got distracted with the laundry. It’s like photographing the sky without clouds. It’s like rain without wet. A pizza is a place to hold your toppings while you eat them. Picking the toppings, though…. a pepperoni pizza is just a place to start. The art in making a great pizza is knowing when to stop and what all needs doing in between. I give you my “Jody’s Other Pizza.” Perhaps some day I’ll divulge the recipe for “Jody’s Really Good Pizza.”


  • Pepperoni
  • Sausage
  • Jalapeños
  • Black olives
  • Pine nuts
  • Bacon (added 2014/11/03)
  • Topped with extra cheese (to hold the toppings on)

A “print” of a “Jody’s Other Pizza” produced by Piccolino Restaurant in Hagerman, NM


The Miracle of Words – quote

Words are sensible Signs, necessary for Communication of Ideas. Man, though he have great variety of thoughts, and such from which others as well as himself might receive profit and delight; yet they are all within his own breast, invisible and hidden from others, nor can of themselves be made to appear. The comfort and advantage of society not being to be had without communication of thoughts, it was necessary that man should find out some external sensible signs, whereof those invisible ideas, which his thoughts are made up of, might be made known to others. For this purpose nothing was so fit, either for plenty or quickness, as those articulate sounds, which with so much ease and variety he found himself able to make. Thus we may conceive how WORDS, which were by nature so well adapted to that purpose, came to be made use of by men as the signs of their ideas; not by any natural connexion that there is between particular articulate sounds and certain ideas, for then there would be but one language amongst all men; but by a voluntary imposition, whereby such a word is made arbitrarily the mark of such an idea. The use, then, of words, is to be sensible marks of ideas; and the ideas they stand for are their proper and immediate signification.
– John Locke, An Essay Concerning Human Understanding, Book III,  Chapter 2, OF THE SIGNIFICATION OF WORDS

Crazy Islamic Theory About the Source of ISIS

ISIS As ‘Zionist Enterprise': Some Muslims in the Middle East insist the Islamic State is an Israeli-funded project despite any evidence that would suggest that.

You really ought to suffer through the whole thing. It’s quite insane.

Now here’s something depressingly predictable: A meme in the Middle Eastern media that ISIS is the creation of Israeli intelligence. More, really: that ISIS isn’t merely an Israeli project intended to disgrace the Muslims, but something essentially Jewish, something actually—to quote one of our exhibits—”Talmudic.”

Let’s note up front that “ISIS as a Zionist Enterprise” is only one of numerous competing memes in the region’s media concerning this ongoing disaster, and that observers appear on Arab TV stations seeking to explain ISIS in terms of the region’s own culture, its failed politics, and even in terms of Islam. But the lure of a Great Conspiracy as an all-purpose explanation remains irresistible to many in the region; it strikes a popular chord because it seems to explain everything in terms of one party that is satanically guileful, while exonerating everybody else except the party that is always guilty anyway. All the clips linked below are from the Middle East Media Research Institute, which also supplied the translations.