gets (another) update

I moved to a new content management system yesterday. The only thing that has survived from the original site is the Mere Christianity Leader’s Notes. That was what most people were coming for, so that is all I moved.

2 thoughts on “ gets (another) update

  1. I really enjoyed the summary notes about Mere Christianity, but there was a problem with one of the notes where the author added his own input. In book two chapter one “The Rival Concepts of God” the note taker added a list of polytheist religions including Romans, Greeks and Mormons. I am a Mormon and definitely am not a polytheist. Mormons are Christians. That is to say we believe in Jesus Christ and that he had a Father, who is God, and we believe in a Holy Spirit. We do not see them as one being as Catholics do, so in that sense you may call us a polytheist because we do not believe they are one God, but if that is the case then all reformed Christian churches would have to also be classified as polytheist. I just wanted to clarify by saying Mormons, or The Church of Jesus Christ of Later-day Saints, believes in Jesus Christ.

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