A Very Good Screed Against the Hebrew Roots Movement

“A Nail in the Coffin of the Hebrew Roots Movement” http://feedly.com/k/1bchLhF

The notes I would add are: The HRM conveniently ignores all of the scripture that Green Baggins points to. In my very limited personal interactions with HRM advocates, I also noted that they actually believe that the New Testament was originally written in Hebrew – even though not a single manuscript has ever been discovered to substantiate that claim.

Another thought on seeking happiness from our marriage

As I thought more about the wrongness of seeking happiness through marriage, and expecting our marriages to make us happy, I suddenly realized the obvious: Anything we look to for happiness is our god! So, when we look to our spouse or our marriage to provide our happiness or make us happy, we are worshiping that person or that relationship. We have become idolators. In that misdirection, no matter how faithful we are to our spouse, we become adulterous toward God.

Don’t take what God has made holy and defile it by misplacing it in your priorities, or by making it an idol.

A jewel within a larger setting

Timothy blooged, “The Counterfeit Bride” this morning. It is an excellent and insightful post, but there is a small part of that post that I want to not get lost…

We can be married to the person we thought what the perfect one for us, and still be unsatisfied. All because God never intended marriage to satisfy us. I know, this goes against popular thought. We hear preachers all the time tell us that if we find the perfect mate, or read the right book, we will have a marriage that satisfies. Usually, those preachers have something to sell us. Marriage wasn’t intended to satisfy, neither was the world.

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Christmas Parties Are Stupid — I Can Fix This!

I agree with Timothy, “Christmas Parties are Stupid.” (Well, he orignially entitled his piece, “Top 10 Reasons Not to Attend Christmas Parties,” but I have license.)

So, I will host a “Theology of the Advent of God Taking on Human Flesh Party.” Theology is the main topic of conversation and the impact of theology on politics and visa vis is expected. Be civil, be polite, be thoughtful. Continue reading

Scientists build a $1,500 open-source 3D metal printer

Scientists build a $1,500 open-source 3D metal printer

“Similar to the incredible churn in innovation witnessed with open-sourcing of the first RepRap plastic 3D printers, I anticipate rapid progress when the maker community gets their hands on it,” says Pearce. “Within a month, somebody will make one that’s better than ours, I guarantee it.”

Now, we are getting somewhere.

Thinking About Charity

I almost dated a girl named Charity in high school, but that’s not what I’m thinking about.

My wife and I often discuss charitable giving. She is one of the most charitable people I know. We have been greatly blessed, and she desires to share what God has blessed us with. I’m the skeptic, “Is that money being used wisely? Is it really making a difference? Is the Gospel being preached through that ministry?”

John Stossel has a good piece at Reason, “Support Real Charity.”

So where should we give? Charity-rating services try to separate good charities from scams, but they get conned, too. The definition of “charitable work” is rarely clear. How should the board of a nonprofit’s first-class hotel expenses during a trip to Africa be classified?