Take a moment to imagine another hypothetical situation. There is a rapist walking across campus looking for a potential victim. He passes two women in the dead of night. One of them is wearing a tee shirt that says “Glock.” The other woman is wearing a tee shirt that says “Pink.”
Mike Adams,  “Pistols, Panties, and Personal Protection

How complaining reshapes us


“Complaining affects us. It shames us. It exposes us… It reveals the hardness of our hearts. It narrows our focus to rest only on ourselves. It blinds us to who God is and to what our true needs are.”
Ronnie Martin, Stop Your Complaining

I hate to listen to others complain incessantly. It may grates on me. It wears me out. I hate it more that I’m a complainer. I hate it when I realize that I’m bending someone’s ear to drone on and on about my own imagined insults and slights. I hate what complaining does to me, to my heart and to my relationships with others and with God.

Riches and poverty


“How many times have we been told that the rich are prospering at the expense of the poor? Sowell points out that most households in the bottom 20 percent in income have no one working. How can someone who isn’t producing anything have something taken from him?”
Walter Williams, “Wealth, Poverty and Politics”

Bernie Sanders and guns

I’ve had Democrats tell me that Barack Obama is not anti gun. I don’t understand how anyone could be that confused, but I do want to be clear ahead of time that Bernie Sanders is clearly anti gun and wants all Americans enslaved (which is always the end game of all gun control).

Bernie Sanders Calls for Ban on Semiautomatic Weapons