Please stop lying about guns not saving lives

If you are one of the people who continues to lie about guns in civilian hands NOT saving lives, then you are willfully ignorant, a deceiver, or stupid. I do not like attributing any of those to people, but one must be true. (If I have overlooked a possibility, please let me know.)


Gun Hero of the Day: Asst. Chemistry Professor Syed Hamid Hussain

Socialism kills


“Socialist revolutions, to be sure, have occurred throughout the world, but never where Marx’s theory had predicted—in the most advanced capitalist countries. On the contrary, socialism was forced on poor, so-called Third World countries. And those revolutions unwittingly condemned the masses to systemic poverty and political dictatorship. In practice, socialism absolutely failed to create the nonalienated, self-managed, and fully planned society. It failed to emancipate the masses and instead crushed them with statism, domination, and the terrifying abuse of state power.”