the Bolsheviks’ useful idiots still don’t get it

This is what I call the Goodbye Lenin Delusion, the idea that socialism could have turned out completely differently. It could not, and it never will anywhere, no matter how often we insist on trying.
Kristian Niemietz

“Green energy” is a scam

Because “green energy” is only profitable with government incentives, it naturally follows that “perverse incentives” result.“>The Scottish wind-power racket – CapX

As Matt Riddly keeps saying, “green energy” takes from the poor and gives to the super rich.

Escaping Socialism

Watch “Go To Where The Light Is: Escaping North Korea — Yeonmi Park” on YouTube

What she escaped from is Socialism. What she escaped to is Freedom. Socialism is antifreedom. Why any person would desire to inflict Socialism on themselves, their neighbors, their children is something I cannot understand.

Price controls destroy productivity

Price controls – both price ceilings and price floors – reduce the quantities of price-controlled goods and services that consumers actually get.

Don Boudreaux explains why Price Controls destroy productivity. What is true of artificially low prices (price ceilings) and artificially high costs (minimum wages) are so bad for everyone – not just business.

Socialism is always, only destructive

Socialism depends upon and presupposes material achievements which socialism itself can never create. Socialism is operative only in wealth situations brought about by modes of production other than its own. Socialism takes and redistributes wealth, but it is utterly incapable of creating wealth.
– Leonard Read

Requirements for predatory capitalism

Capitalists act as a disciplined group preying upon workers and consumers only if they succeed in persuading the state to orchestrate and oversee such predations. Tariffs, occupational licensing, and other state interventions – typically cheered naively by “Progressives” as “victories” for the People – are all too often the means used by producer groups to steal what does not belong to them.
Don Boudreaux

Note: I use the term “capitalism” loosely, since by definition, once business owners begin seeking this type of privilege, they are no longer acting as capitalists, but as cronies.

No free lunch

Nobody likes being told there is no such thing as a free lunch. But it is incredibly important. Unless someone reminds the public that free lunches are illusory, they may never figure out how to get a meal in the first place.
Alex Salter, Economist-Man and His Never-Ending Battle

Plunderous Schemes

Rapists, thugs, and thieves improve their lives by using coercion or threats of coercion to reduce the range of options available to others.  Civilized, peaceful, and productive people improve their lives by using commerce to expand the range of options available to others.  Neither the raw facts of the matter nor the ethics of these alternative courses of action are altered one bit if the rapists, thugs, and thieves hire well-dressed agents to carry out their schemes and rename these plunderous schemes “trade policy.”
 – Don Boudreaux

Quote – the great enrichment

Considering what is indeed the historically unprecedented great enrichment that market economies have created for the masses, to complain about today’s differences in monetary incomes or wealth is akin to complaining about the color of a rescue ship that has just saved the lives of hundreds of people who were on the verge of drowning at sea.
– Don Boudreaux
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