Solar Employs More People In U.S. Electricity Generation Than Oil, Coal And Gas Combined

HOLY CRAP! I did not know that. If you crunch the numbers, that means that solar requires 96 TIMES as many people per unit of power compared to fossil fuels to produce only 1.3% of our national energy budget.

The term “opportunity cost” comes to mind.

If You Think Trump Is a Fascist…

“Which brings us back to gun control, something countless liberal pundits and Democratic congresspeople are breathlessly demanding right now. How on earth could anyone believe both that Trump is a fascist and that it’s a good idea for a federal government he runs to take guns away from law-abiding citizens? If Trump is a budding Mussolini—let alone something worse—then you shouldn’t want to give him the power required to wage a war on guns. Keep in mind that many gun owners are people of color, who would be (and frequently have been) disproportionately affected by enforcement of new gun laws. Indeed, if Trump wanted to further damage immigrants and communities of color, eroding their rights and jailing their men, he could find no more powerful tool than a license to confiscate guns.” – Robby Soave in If You Think Trump Is a Fascist, You Should Oppose Gun Control

The poor are carrying the cost of today’s climate policies

Matt Riddly explains that The poor are carrying the cost of today’s climate policies

They may be right; we will see. But, today, we are deliberately causing suffering in partly futile efforts to stop something that is currently doing more good than harm, mostly to poor people.

Words are not violence

Young Christopher Machold has trouble understanding the English language (and, perhaps all language) when he accuses the NRA of using language in a “frightening way.” The Frightening Way the NRA Just Co-Opted the Term “Hate Speech”

When the lines of these categories are blurred and our understanding of what constitutes violence is so contorted, it becomes possible to unironically argue that the answer to speech you don’t like is hurting people.

It’s shocking that he makes the same case that the video makes that he is attempting to refute. He, like so many of his generation, confusedly assumes that somehow the video is a call for violence. If the young man understood English, he would see that the video makes the very case against violence that he mistakenly makes against his malformed idea of what the the video communicates.

The fact that young Christopher Machol does not like the NRA does not mean that the NRA constitutes a call to violence. If young Christopher understood language, he might understand that the natural right to be armed (protected by the Second Amendment) is a safeguard against violence.

Oh, Roundup! 

The city of Petaluma in California recently stopped using roundup in parks and school grounds. The result was a 1700% increase in cost of weed control, and a new requirement for operators to wear respirators (unnecessary with roundup which is less toxic than vinegar) while spraying with the far more toxic organic alternatives.

Matt Ridley

Let’s stop calling them “refugees”

The Syrian, so called, “refugees” are not actually “refugees.” A refugee will at least attempt to go home after the crisis is over. A “immigrant” comes to stay.

Let’s just call them “immigrants” or “crisis immigrants” or “emergency immigrants.” But let’s be done with this “refugee” nonsense.

When mass murders go off the rails

Campus stabber’s manifesto included ‘praise for Allah,’ plan for beheading | Fox News

The pertinent quote:
“He was banking on the fear factor. …His plan went haywire because people fought back,” Warnke said. “He got so befuddled at the activities that happened; it took the script away from him.”


PBS: Teacher’s union endorses Clinton

PBS: Teacher’s union endorses Clinton.

WASHINGTON — Hillary Rodham Clinton has won the endorsement of the American Federation of Teachers. It’s the first major labor union to make an endorsement in the 2016 presidential campaign.

The president of the union, Randi Weingarten, says in a statement Saturday that Clinton is the “champion working families need in the White House.”

Liars who endorse liars. Nice. Birds of a feather need to stick together.

Teachers unions are about power and money – never about education. Power like that can only come through state enforced monopoly. Monopoly is what teachers unions need Democratic Socialists like Hillary Clinton for.

Blinding Flash of the Obvious – Parents Are Important

“We think that parents play an important scaffolding role, helping their children to make more thoughtful decisions,” said Eva Telzer, a professor of psychology at the University of Illinois and the lead author of the study

Having mom in the car changes teen driver’s brain | Fox News


Crazy Islamic Theory About the Source of ISIS

ISIS As ‘Zionist Enterprise’: Some Muslims in the Middle East insist the Islamic State is an Israeli-funded project despite any evidence that would suggest that.

You really ought to suffer through the whole thing. It’s quite insane.

Now here’s something depressingly predictable: A meme in the Middle Eastern media that ISIS is the creation of Israeli intelligence. More, really: that ISIS isn’t merely an Israeli project intended to disgrace the Muslims, but something essentially Jewish, something actually—to quote one of our exhibits—”Talmudic.”

Let’s note up front that “ISIS as a Zionist Enterprise” is only one of numerous competing memes in the region’s media concerning this ongoing disaster, and that observers appear on Arab TV stations seeking to explain ISIS in terms of the region’s own culture, its failed politics, and even in terms of Islam. But the lure of a Great Conspiracy as an all-purpose explanation remains irresistible to many in the region; it strikes a popular chord because it seems to explain everything in terms of one party that is satanically guileful, while exonerating everybody else except the party that is always guilty anyway. All the clips linked below are from the Middle East Media Research Institute, which also supplied the translations.

Sony, The Interview and North Korea

So, it appears that North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un (hereafter referred to as Krazy Kim) hired some hackers to jack Sony servers, release a bunch of personal trash and get a movie release canceled. Nice. That’s SO “Communist Dictator Play Book” material. All of the Great Leaders who have gone before would just love that.

From CNN: “The movie’s plot involves the attempted assassination of North Korean dictator [Krazy Kim].”

Anyway, now there is this movie setting on servers at Sony, and thousands of copies (on whatever media studios ship movies to theaters on) out there that I had no interest in seeing…. But now I have to!

I predict that a copy will escape, get bootlegged and become the most watched movie of 2015, and an instant cult classic – even if it is terrible… Especially if it was terrible!

I am already imagining the official press release from Sony Studios with angry language about the criminals who released a copy of their intellectual property and the criminals who continue to copy and distribute the material and calling for legal action and threats…. Yes, “don’t watch this illegally obtained movie. That will make us very, very angry. Don’t do it!”

I wonder if they will re-edit the movie before it “somehow” gets “leaked?”