Faithful Thinkers: Compromising the Kingdom

Posted by Luke Nix at 3:21 PM

A Quick Review

As many of my readers and friends are aware, I am a big proponent of unity within the Church. I like to see interaction among ministries that specialize in certain areas of knowledge and evangelism for the cause of expanding the Kingdom. At the same time, though, I rarely shy aware from difficult theological discussions and differences. I hold certain views that I will accept and address the most difficult challenges against. I’ve always said that if one has the truth, they should not be afraid to be challenged. Yet we also need to understand and recognize challenges when our views cannot overcome them and adjust or abandon our views as necessary.

Having said that, I believe that when ministries or individuals engage in debates or discussions concerning doctrines on which they disagree, it is of highest importance that they recognize the points of agreement between them. They can then clearly articulate the disagreement and the reasons, then engage those reasons with the highest level of gentleness, respect, and academic prowess.

Unfortunately, this week I read an article by Ken Ham of Answers in Genesis (AiG) that meets none of these standards. Now, before you continue reading this post, please read Ham’s article here; the rest of this post assumes you have read it. Continue reading

If my mind is identical to my brain….

Sarah Geis via Facebook

If my mind is identical to my brain, then I would be able to have the same type of knowledge of my mind as that of my brain.

I have infallible knowledge of my own mental states (I cannot be wrong about my own experiences of happiness, calmness, or anger). However, I do not have infallible knowledge of my own brain states (I might feel a headache, but could be wrong about the reasons for the headache).

Therefore, my mind is not identical to my brain.

Repentance versus Defensiveness

Repentance versus Defensiveness:

Our default mode – in and out of the church – seems to be defensiveness. I know mine is. Nothing is more natural when we feel threatened by a criticism than to divert, distract, and downplay. Its as instinctive as flinching when a punch is coming. In my experience, a heart of repentance is something I have to work at. I have to say things like, “wait a minute. Think this through. Why does this criticism hurt you the way it does? Remember your identity is in Christ. Remember you’re identity is not at stake. Relax! Is there something you can learn here?” Its a counter-intuitive feeling, like learning to use a muscle we didn’t know we had for the first time. Or better: learning to relax a muscle for the first time that we’ve always kept tight. Its a kind of paradox: an effort at relaxing, a striving to cease striving, a struggle to give up.


Galactic Roundup 11.Apr.2013

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True Theology: Knowing and Loving God

John 17:17I pulled the following quotes from the ESV Study Bile notes section on “Biblical Doctrine: An Overview, True Theology: Knowing and Loving God”:

Any theological system that distinguishes between “rational propositions about God” and “a personal relationship with God” fails to see this necessary connection between love and knowledge. The capacity to love, enjoy, and tell others about a person is increased by greater knowledge of that person. Love and knowledge go hand in hand. Good lovers are students of the beloved. Knowledge of God is the goal of theology. Continue reading

The Conversations We Can’t Have

not talking

“Just don’t bring up creationism with Jody.”

Those were the first words of advice my friend said to my new pastor about me.

So, now the topic is taboo, and we have had one discussion and it was forced. Barriers are established before the conversation started. Trenches were dug. Fences erected. Lanes mined. Grenades stockpiled.

Standoff. Entrenchment.

Other than that topic, we mostly have a really great friendship… other than that deadly no-man’s land between us. Continue reading

On boycotts . . .

Eternity Matters blogs on the problem of boycotts.

I love the free market and our ability to choose where to shop. If we get bad service or don’t like the worldview of the seller, we don’t have to give them any money. Or we can steer our spending to companies with great service and similar beliefs.

I’m not aggressively into boycotts, but when companies are in your face with their dogma and I can conveniently go somewhere else, I will. But I have to concede that even though the pro-”same-sex marriage” people are hopelessly on the wrong side of the issue, part of their point here is valid: Continue reading

… you might be Reformed.

If you think prayer is more than just trying to manipulate God into giving you what you want, …

If you think that there are things more important to God than your comfort, …

If you think the Bible has more to say about the Church than just the second chapter of Acts, …

If you suspect that how you *think* about God might be at least as important as how you *feel* about God, … Continue reading

Eight Issues That Do NOT Make or Break Christianity – Apologetics 315

Apologetics 315 posted a piece by Michael Patton of Credo House Ministries this morning, “Eight Issues That Do NOT Make or Break Christianity.”

  1. Young Earth Creationism
  2. The authorship of the Pastoral Epistles
  3. The inerrancy of Scripture Continue reading