… you might be Reformed.

If you think prayer is more than just trying to manipulate God into giving you what you want, …

If you think that there are things more important to God than your comfort, …

If you think the Bible has more to say about the Church than just the second chapter of Acts, …

If you suspect that how you *think* about God might be at least as important as how you *feel* about God, … Continue reading

Embrace Your Inner Calvinist

I remember Ken Samples talking, during one of his Straight Thinking podcasts about regret: “Being a Calvinist, I don’t have many regrets, but if I did, one of them would be not serving in the military.” (Possibly not the exact wording.)

My brain locked onto, “Being a Calvinist, I don’t have many regrets…” As I pondered that thought over the next few months, I became entranced by it. It is so liberating. I have used the line as a joke for years, “Embrace your inner Calvinist – we don’t have regrets!” Continue reading

One Argument Against Calvinism

[reposting from old blog]

Wintery Knight posted this video:


I watched it because I think it is good to challenge what I believe and to listen to good arguments against what I believe. I figure that if WK posted it, it was probably really good.

I figured wrong.

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