the Bolsheviks’ useful idiots still don’t get it

This is what I call the Goodbye Lenin Delusion, the idea that socialism could have turned out completely differently. It could not, and it never will anywhere, no matter how often we insist on trying.
Kristian Niemietz

Escaping Socialism

Watch “Go To Where The Light Is: Escaping North Korea — Yeonmi Park” on YouTube

What she escaped from is Socialism. What she escaped to is Freedom. Socialism is antifreedom. Why any person would desire to inflict Socialism on themselves, their neighbors, their children is something I cannot understand.


Socialism and communism literally objectify the individual, who exists only as a means of advancing the interests of the state.  There is no individual, and no valid reason for people to have rights, separate from their membership in and contributions to the state.

Michael Munger, “Capitalism and Objectivification

Is China Ramping Up For a Modern Purging?

China has been successfully “cheating” communism by being capitalistic on the side, building the second largest economy in the world while quietly suppressing liberties. Have the limited capitalism that has brought China such huge financial success finally started to push against the communism of the Party? I’ve been watching this develop for years. Will China be the first country in history to be both communist and financially stable, or will the two ideologies of capitalism (Freedom) and communism finally be forced into the inevitable showdown?

Ideology: Class struggle | The Economist