EconTalk Capitalism, Government, and the Good Society

EconTalk Capitalism, Government, and the Good Society

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On April 10, 2013, Liberty Fund and Butler University sponsored a symposium, “Capitalism, Government, and the Good Society.” The evening began with solo presentations by the three participants–Michael Munger of Duke University, Robert Skidelsky of the University of Warwick, and Richard Epstein of New York University. (Travel complications forced the fourth invited participant, James Galbraith of the University of Texas, to cancel.) Each speaker gave his own interpretation of the appropriate role for government in the economy and in our lives. This was followed by a lively conversation on the topic moderated by Russ Roberts of Stanford University, host of the weekly podcast, EconTalk. A video of the event along with other materials is available at .

Charles Krauthammer says something that makes sense!: “Obama’s global-warming folly”

You really would have a difficult time grasping how hard this is for me to wrap my mind around. Charles Krauthammer says a lot of things from his bully pulpit at the Washington Post, but it really never makes sense. For him to write a whole editorial that is pinned so fiercely to reality is mind boggling. This is the economists to gladly ignores all of reality to beat the drum of Keynesian enconomics and wishful socialism.

The United States has already radically cut carbon dioxide emissions — more than any country on earth since 2006, according to the International Energy Agency. Emissions today are back down to 1992 levels.

And yet, at the same time, global emissions have gone up. That’s because — surprise! — we don’t control the energy use of the other 96 percent of humankind. Continue reading

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