Is China Ramping Up For a Modern Purging?

China has been successfully “cheating” communism by being capitalistic on the side, building the second largest economy in the world while quietly suppressing liberties. Have the limited capitalism that has brought China such huge financial success finally started to push against the communism of the Party? I’ve been watching this develop for years. Will China be the first country in history to be both communist and financially stable, or will the two ideologies of capitalism (Freedom) and communism finally be forced into the inevitable showdown?

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Facts on “fighting crime”?

Marco Tedaldi asked me:

Did you ever wonder why there are no big, colorful statistics on the positive impact on crime and crimefighting? I am constantly wondering… and also, why despite that a lot of money is thrown in that direction.

Is it really all about fighting crime?

I am ashamed to answer, “No, I had not thought of that.” But, we all should have!

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Galactic Roundup 11.Apr.2013

Margaret Thatcher:


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Purchasing A Gun vs. Purchasing An Abortion.

I saw this at Eternity Matters, and had to reshare it:

Purchasing A Gun vs. Purchasing An Abortion.

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Let’s take a look at the differences and similarities between purchasing a gun and purchasing an abortion.

Both guns and abortions are goods or services which are produced and purchased on the free market.

When a gun is purchased, there’s a 99%  chance that gun will never result in the death of a single individual. When an abortion is purchased, there is a 99% chance the abortion will result in the death of an individual.

My tax dollars aren’t used to purchase a gun for someone who can’t afford it. My tax dollars are used to purchase an abortion for a woman or a girl who can’t afford it. Continue reading