A thought on arguments, reasoning and fallacies

In a conversation with my friend and pastor, Timothy, one of the potential dangers of fallacies raised it’s ugly head:

The problem with this is the last week on Slate or one of the other liberal sites, a woman was arguing for polygamy and incests. Everyone says never use the slippery slope, but by golly evidence seems to indicate when it comes to dealing with liberals, everything IS a slippery slope.

I made the case that the reasoning was correct, but the argument was poorly made because it relied on the slippery slope argument. I reworded the argument to avoid the fallacy. It made the argument valid, but Continue reading

A philosophy without regard for results

My cousin CC’d me on an email with the following quote in it:

“No progressive 100 years ago could have conceived of gay marriage. In fact, merely a decade-and-a-half ago, the entirety of the Democratic Party supported traditional marriage, codified under law. … for progressives, where’s their next redefinition in the ongoing process of redefining marriage? Does the evolution end with one man and one woman, or one man and one man, or one woman and one woman? Why could it not next progress to one man and multiple women? Will it involve an adult and a minor? Could their evolving redefinition include first cousins or a parent and child? Could it include multiple heterosexuals or homosexuals in single or even joint or group spousal relationships? Continue reading

On boycotts . . .

Eternity Matters blogs on the problem of boycotts.

I love the free market and our ability to choose where to shop. If we get bad service or don’t like the worldview of the seller, we don’t have to give them any money. Or we can steer our spending to companies with great service and similar beliefs.

I’m not aggressively into boycotts, but when companies are in your face with their dogma and I can conveniently go somewhere else, I will. But I have to concede that even though the pro-”same-sex marriage” people are hopelessly on the wrong side of the issue, part of their point here is valid: Continue reading

The Christian Problem and Gay Marriage

I have been thinking about this, but I have not found the words:

‘Gay Marriage’ and Religious Freedom Are Not Compatible – please read it all.

As long as there are still Christians who actually follow Christ and uphold his word, a vast amount of people around the world — never mind Islam — will never ever see gay marriage as anything other than a legal encroachment of God’s intent.

So those Christians must be silenced. The left exerted a great deal of energy to convince everyone that the gay lifestyle is an alternative form of normal. It then has exerted a great deal of energy convincing people that because the gay lifestyle is just another variation of normal, gay marriage must be normalized. Continue reading