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…Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA) created in 1958…

ARPA was renamed to “DARPA” (for Defense) in March 1972, then renamed “ARPA” in February 1993, and then renamed “DARPA” again in March 1996.

I wonder what that cost the American Taxpayer?

The Arab world: Tethered by history | The Economist

An interesting perspective of the continually dysfunctional states of the Middle East.

Such tensions between social classes, far more than those between sects, have sparked many recent Arab revolts; but sectarianism is then used to fan the flames. Islamists exploit class resentment to expand their base; governments stoke sectarian strife to justify their security apparatus.

How the Government Keeps Gas Prices High –

I cannot answer all of the stupid things post about the price of gasoline. The truth of the price of gasoline is that the government does an innumerable amount of stupid to causes the cost of gasoline and the cost of cars to go up and the mileage of cars to go down and the impact on the environment to be worse. This article only scratches the clearcoat on the paint on the surface of the problems. Grr!

Plan to drive more this summer? Annoyed by the price of gas?

Complaining that oil companies rip you off?

I say, shut up. Even if gas costs $4 per gallon, we should thank Big Oil. Think what they have to do to bring us gas.

Oil must be sucked out of the ground, sometimes from war zones or deep beneath oceans. The drills now bend and dig sideways through as much as 7 miles of earth. What they discover must be pumped through billion-dollar pipelines and often put in monstrously expensive tankers to ship across the ocean.

Then it’s refined into several types of gasoline, transported in trucks that cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. Finally, your local gas station must spend a fortune on safety devices to make sure we don’t blow ourselves up while filling the tank. Continue reading

Border Patrol Raptor?


I saw this US Border Patrol vehicle in Dexter, NM, tonight. While at some level, this makes sense, I am, on another level, shocked that the Department of Homeland Security can spend this kind of money on vehicles. BP vehicles will see tremendous abuse in daily service, but still….