The Arab world: Tethered by history | The Economist

An interesting perspective of the continually dysfunctional states of the Middle East.

Such tensions between social classes, far more than those between sects, have sparked many recent Arab revolts; but sectarianism is then used to fan the flames. Islamists exploit class resentment to expand their base; governments stoke sectarian strife to justify their security apparatus.

CNN Breaking News – Random Murders for Islam

CNN Breaking News, 10:46 AM, 23.May.2013

The soldier killed in London’s Woolwich area yesterday was Lee Rigby, 25, a father of a 2-year-old boy. Rigby, described as “always smiling,” served as a machine gunner in Afghanistan, played in the military’s Corps of Drums and was a recruiter in London at the time of his death, the military says.

Rigby was killed in a gruesome attack on a London street. A cleaver-wielding man with bloody hands addressed a camera after the attack with Rigby lying mutilated in the street behind him. “The only reasons we killed this man … is because Muslims are dying daily,” he said in video aired by CNN affiliate ITN.

Two suspects are in custody and Prime Minister David Cameron says Britain’s security services will not rest until they bring all those responsible to justice.

So, because Muslims are dying somewhere, we have a license to kill random people at random. “Islam is a religion of peace!”