My Favorite Bands – Dallas String Quartet

I’m always shocked when I realize that I have become attached to a new musician or musical group – and why.

If you are not familiar with Dallas String Quartet, you should be. Their music is a classical-pop fusion that I find delicious. I love classical, but I quickly grow tired of it. I hate pop. Mix the two together, and you have something old but different. I really enjoy it.

DSQ Electric – Rolling in the Deep:

I also appreciate the way the musicians are completely self conscious about the camera.

Quote: On Music, Joe McNally

Country Guitar by Sindri Jóelsson - All rights reserved (flickr)

Country Guitar by Sindri Jóelsson – All rights reserved (flickr)

I found this great quote about music in my daily reading this morning, Music On Location, Joe McNally’s blog:

Music intertwines readily, emotionally with life, and the lives of the musicians who play it. Music sees you through, and it opens your heart. Strains of certain songs are evocative of time and place. Others are a warp speed return to a specific event or memory.

This is certainly true of country music, which I don’t claim to be all that knowledgeable about, but certainly listen to. My life is richer because Johnny Cash, Lucinda Williams and Emmylou Harris picked up a guitar and stepped to a microphone.

– Joe McNally (30.July.2013 blog post)