Scott Bourne reports on his year with Creative Commons licensing

My Failed Experiment With Creative Commons | Photofocus

“All I know is that for me, Scott Bourne, switching to CC cost me a bunch of money.”

I have been looking forward to Mr. Bourne’s report on his licensing experiment. I knew that his retirement from active assignment shooting would have a large impact, and separating the retirement influence from the licensing influence is difficult, but his results are important.

Grand Canyon Vacation – JPEG vs PNG exports

I will be working on pics from our vacation, but I wanted to give a better copy of the first image that I quickly posted yesterday.

I all of my years shooting digital photography, this is the first batch of images that I have shot that cannot be exported to JPEG for presentation. JPEG not only cannot do justice to the images, it actually ruins them.

Grand CanyonThe obvious downside is that, instead of being able to post a 300 kilobyte JPEG, I have to post a 4+ Megabyte PNG image…. I think it is worth the bandwidth, but I am sure some people will not be able to tell the difference.

I have just discovered that the open source software darktable will do a much better JPEG export than Google’s Picasa will, but the PNG export is still significantly better.


Some verses get picked

Some verses don't get picked for greeting cards.

Some verses don’t get picked for greeting cards.

Some verses get picked, but those are few and rare and usually removed from their context. Many of the verses that tell us more about actually living the Christian life never make it to a greeting card. Continue reading

Mescalero Sands


We drove out to Mescalero Sands (off highway vehicle recreation area) Friday afternoon. We do not have any off-road vehicles (well, we do have my Raptor, but getting sick in the sand is not my idea of a good time), so we strolled around in the sand and sun for an hour or so. It is always a nice outing. We have been to Mescalero Sands several times, but this is the first time we actually saw other people there, and the first time we saw off-road vehicles running around in the sand. There are miles and miles and miles of sand dunes in the area, so even though there were several groups with several vehicles each, it was far from crowded.

The Four Horses of the A-CROPalypse

I was looking back through some old photos, and I found this image from June, 2009.

And I am thinking, “Meh. It is not a bad photo, but it is not good…. Maybe it needs to be cropped. Maybe I captured too much. Maybe it lacks focus.”

So, I hacked away at it, just for fun. The various crops follow: Continue reading

Overdrama – That same dusty rainbow, again

Same image, but with Picasa's "I'm Feeling Lucky" button clicked

Same image, but with Picasa’s “I’m Feeling Lucky” button clicked

Here is that same photo that I posted yesterday, but presented very over dramatically this time.

When I clicked the auto-tuning button yesterday, Picasa automatically normalized the light levels. Continue reading