Quote: On Music, Joe McNally

Country Guitar by Sindri Jóelsson - All rights reserved (flickr)

Country Guitar by Sindri Jóelsson – All rights reserved (flickr)

I found this great quote about music in my daily reading this morning, Music On Location, Joe McNally’s blog:

Music intertwines readily, emotionally with life, and the lives of the musicians who play it. Music sees you through, and it opens your heart. Strains of certain songs are evocative of time and place. Others are a warp speed return to a specific event or memory.

This is certainly true of country music, which I don’t claim to be all that knowledgeable about, but certainly listen to. My life is richer because Johnny Cash, Lucinda Williams and Emmylou Harris picked up a guitar and stepped to a microphone.

– Joe McNally (30.July.2013 blog post)

A philosophy without regard for results

My cousin CC’d me on an email with the following quote in it:

“No progressive 100 years ago could have conceived of gay marriage. In fact, merely a decade-and-a-half ago, the entirety of the Democratic Party supported traditional marriage, codified under law. … for progressives, where’s their next redefinition in the ongoing process of redefining marriage? Does the evolution end with one man and one woman, or one man and one man, or one woman and one woman? Why could it not next progress to one man and multiple women? Will it involve an adult and a minor? Could their evolving redefinition include first cousins or a parent and child? Could it include multiple heterosexuals or homosexuals in single or even joint or group spousal relationships? Continue reading

Thinking matters

I think ideas matter. And I think that the 62 million to 78 million people who were killed in World War II: they died over ideas. The Fascists, the Communists, the Democracies; they had different worldviews — different ideas. I think thinking matters. I think reading matters.

– Ken Samples, audio source

sleeping in the bookstore


(Reposted from 20.Jan.2011)

All men by nature desire to know.
– Aristotle, Metaphysics, Book I.I

It is true that, “all men by nature desire to know,” but it is sad that all men do not desire knowledge or wisdom.

Many people will often criticize people who seek knowledge Continue reading