You might live in New Mexico…

If the idea of onlymoderate to severe drought” gives you a sense of relief, …. you might live in New Mexico.

By: Jorge Torres, KOB Eyewitness News 4

For the first time since early April, a part of the state is officially drought free.

Shawn Bennett from the National Weather Service says that a section along the southern border of New Mexico, which includes Doña Ana, Otero, and Eddy counties, is considered not in drought.

Another interesting note: the Pecos River received most of the water that it would usually get from a winter snow-melt this September alone!

Although the rain has been great, we still need more since the majority of the state is still in a moderate to severe drought.

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Overdrama – That same dusty rainbow, again

Same image, but with Picasa's "I'm Feeling Lucky" button clicked

Same image, but with Picasa’s “I’m Feeling Lucky” button clicked

Here is that same photo that I posted yesterday, but presented very over dramatically this time.

When I clicked the auto-tuning button yesterday, Picasa automatically normalized the light levels. Continue reading